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Dave B. Flight is a potent and deft dose of early 1980s inspired metal that acknowledges and embraces the rock-hard roots of the 1970s. Crisp, clear, and precise in conception, execution, and intent, this album is a fresh and vital exercise proving that the “classic” style of metal does not have an expiration date. So those who enjoy Deep Purple, UFO, AC/DC, Accept, Riot, The Handsome Beasts, and Blitzkrieg should find Flight’s shoulder-to-the-stone approach of particular interest and relevance.
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released October 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Flight Norway

Chris - Guitar/vox
Heavy-Kris - Guitar
Jonas - Bass
Kickan - Drums

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Track Name: Flight
Music: Bråthen, Lyrics: Holen

I'm getting tired of the city life
You know, I can't stay another night
All the tension's taking over me
In this city I just can't be me

You can't dog me around no more
I’m tired of the same old song
I’m gonna pack my bags, baby
I'm gonna catch my

Flight! Flight! - Fly me from here
Flight! Flight! - Far from here!
Flight! Flight! - High in the sky!
Flight! Flight!

In this city I just can't be me
All the suckers, they just laugh, you see
I’ve gotta get out of here so fast
All the suckers can kiss my ass

I wanna be free!

Solo: Ingvaldsen / Bråthen / Invaldsen / Bråthen

Solo: Bråthen
Track Name: As Silence Falls
Music and lyrics: Bye

I am like a vicious creature, as I rise from my temple
Wrath of Leviathan I am, a shadow of the past
The earth screams my coming as it's trembling beneath me
Above the clouds are ripped, and the sky recedes my gaze

I walk the path of the forgotten fields
A misty shadow in command standing still
Nothing can stop me, nothing can deny me
Challengers await, unveiled for my spree
As silence falls

Frigid insect gaze reflects nothing but a phantom
My needs, my lust, the wailing end of nations
Life exists as I desire, on the blade of just you stand
The agony of a thousand souls echoes as my crushing steps fade

Solo: Ingvaldsen
Track Name: Lion's Den
Music: Bråthen/Bye, Lyrics: Holen

You always take the easy way
Always play by the rules
What will you do when the rules change?
Will you break the chains?
Tap your feet and feel the music
Free yourself of your old ways
When your heart beats to the beat
You'll feel it

Can you hear the tune?
And live free
Keep watching the sky
And you'll never die

Solo: Bråthen

You never slept in the lion's den
But now the times will change
It's time to face your future
Which one will you choose?
You can seize the day
Or take the easy way
I have already chosen
Now it's time for you

Solo: Ingvaldsen
Track Name: Don't Lose It
Music and lyrics: Bråthen

Remember the times
If you're feelin' useless
And can't find a rhyme
Sometimes it seems you have no answers
You think god only knows
Explore your mind, and you will find

Feels like thunder
Wanna boost the time
To escape from the lightning
And deny that there is no plan

Don't lose it
You never chose it
Can't find a reason
Well, maybe it never was
But you'll never know

I simply can't complain
At least I'm alive
All around something drives me insane
I'm always the busiest mind
Grip it hard if you can feel
And have something to hate
But wait, don't close the deal
Focus, you have decisions to make

Solo: Bråthen / Ingvaldsen / Bråthen / Ingvaldsen
Track Name: Nightrider
Music: Bye

Track Name: Memories Sharp
Music and lyrics: Bråthen

My head is a mess
And it will stay that way
For a very long time now
Seems like I am a time-bomb

Whatever I do
These dark chains are pulling me tighter
The complications are stacked
But the solutions, they ain't packed
I know there's nothing I can do
To move the earth

I know you'll never return
Well, at least with time, I'll learn

These inspirations came to provoke
From your absence, I'm being cloked
Solo: Bråthen
Like I said, the mess will be
Solo: Ingvaldsen
Won't go away until our spirits are free

Solo: Invaldsen
Solo: Bråthen

I know you'll never return
Well, at least with time, I'll learn
You were the one to do the right
Still are, now only out of sight
But I believe there's no light in this dark
Maybe that's how I'll keep my memories sharp
Track Name: Escape
Music and lyrics: Bye

Thundering machine roaring between my thighs
With razor-sharp precision, soaring oh so high
Racing through the desert, flickering through the night
Shooting beams of light, present in everybody’s sight

What I've left behind, flight from the eluded mind
Streaks of burning rubber, entwined with solar winds

Leaving towns behind, escape through the dusty void
Midnight calls me, speeding like an asteroid
Desert plains reflected by the rising moon
Shadows of the past echoes my stinging wound

Solo: Bråthen
Solo: Ingvaldsen
Track Name: Devil Woman
Music: Bråthen, Lyrics: Holen

I know a devil woman
She lives down the block
If you wanna visit her
Make sure to knock
If she looks at you
You know you're through
'Cause she'll eat you alive
She doesn't have no pride

Devil woman
She's a…
Devil woman

When she walks down the street
She's looking for meat
When she finds her prey
She'll take it away
If she chants the magic spell
You'll never be the same
If she sleeps in your bed
You know that you're dead

Solo: Bråthen
Solo: Bråthen